Authentic Italian Restaurant

Ciao! Welcome to Paolo's Restaurant, a family run restaurant in Norwich serving delicious authentic Italian cuisine.

We offer freshly prepared traditional Italian food, from stone oven baked pizzas to pasta, seafood and salads. Whether you’re stopping to sample our authentic Italian dishes, a nice cup of coffee, well deserved glass of wine or refreshing bottle of beer you can kick back and watch the world go by seated indoors, or dine alfresco.

Based in the heart of Norwich, housed in a fantastic old art deco building in the Norwich Lanes area, we are amidst a vibrant shopping area and delightful boutiques. Come and join us, arrivederci.

Paolos Restaurant Pizza cutting

What makes us special?


We are a family run restaurant in Norwich, led by primo chef Paolo Duraj. Throughout his career, owner Paolo has developed his knowledge of Italian cuisine and is a great believer in doing things in the traditional way to capture true Italian authentic flavours.

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Our Ingredients

We order some of our ingredients such as flour, olive oil, pasta, tomatoes, and supplies such as coffee and wine, from Italian suppliers Alivini and Sorrento Express who deliver goods from Italy to the UK. We also offer a gluten-free pasta option.

Our Methods

Our dishes are freshly made. From the pizza base which we knead and create ourselves to the tiramisu dessert where we follow a special recipe handed down in the family, each dish is hand made using finely honed traditional cooking techniques.